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Oracle ODA

  • Welcome to our first intro to Oracle ODA

We are investigating if this appliance will serve our customers, the benefits and also the draw backs of the unit.

This an interesting concept. A server with a single GUI to install the OS and oracle database version 12cR2. the configuration was simple to achieve.

Other versions of #oracle are more interesting to install.

#odacli, the command line interface, has to be employed but from our tests so far we would give this the thumbs up. its very intuitive and easily configured.

we have not investigated #RMAN backups or restores, we also have to look at datapump. One potential issue is that /u01 is a fixed size so we need to investigate this further too.

11g is installed as ACFS into /u02 (taken from ASM). multiple instances can be installed and /u02 expands as required.


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Oracle ODA


database support
oracle MS SQL Server

support when you need it

Service Levels
Dedicated Support

4 levels of support

Understanding your business

Solving complex problems

Health Checks
Non-invasive checks

Treating your data seriously